What is it that Inspires you?

As I write from my peaceful “cabin” by the Big Thompson River flowing down from Estes Park, here in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I ask myself “Where can I find Inspiration?”

This time of year, the world seems so cold and drab, unpromising and lifeless, like my hibernating heart, barely stirring within.  Even Nature seems to forget that Spring is just around the bend.  Or maybe She is just content to just let it come whenever it comes and not hurry up the process.  In the meantime, I try to find meaning and purpose, hope and Inspiration to hold on a little longer… trick my heart into beating just another moment, until the warmth and salvation of new life arrive.

So I listen deep within and search for a story.  Why am I drawn to stories?  What is it that speaks to me deeper than the icy crystal stars on a black velvet Winter’s night, and truer than Polaris, stretching out from the handle of the Little Dipper and promising to be North?

It comes down to one thing.

“Inspiration”.  There are so many things vying for my attention in this crazy world, and only so much time to take it all in.  I often find myself watching movies or TV, or even going to the Internet looking for Inspiration, when Inspiration is all around me – in the rushing of the stream outside my door – in the silvery three quarter moon so bright I nearly trip over the shadows it makes through the family of Cottonwoods overhead.  It is even in the soft breathing and gentle rising of Murphy’s chest as he lies here next to me, snoring in his gentle and unworried manner, as only a dog can do.  He inspires me with his calm.

Inspiration is all around me, yet I so often fail to see it.  It is Heaven’s breath, breathing on me from above and within, telling me to simply be still and listen.  Listening is one of the most natural, and difficult things I have ever done.  I want to speak.  I want to shout.  I want to scream or even whisper, but I resist the act of Listening.

I have recently discovered Audiobooks, and have been pleased to find that their effect on my life has been twofold.  They have taught me to “Listen” and they have “Inspired” me to live a better life.  ”As a man thinks, so is he.”  Timeless words that whisper so loudly they hurt the ears of my heart.  Why haven’t I understood this concept before?  It is so simple and life-changing that it is easy to miss.  Man is the only being on the planet that can think about what he is thinking about.  That’s what gives us dominion, and the ability to choose and plan and create and love…

What does all of this have to do with Audiobooks?

Everything.  It is so amazing to come to realize that I can choose what I fill my mind with, that, in turn, creates a beautiful, warm and growing place inside my heart and life, and that ultimately blesses all of those within my circle of influence!  It is my gift not only to myself, my family and friends and loved ones, but to the world…

Inspiring audiobooks are one of the simplest ways I know to go about my daily (or nightly) business, and fill my mind and heart with the makings of  a better world.  They refresh and restore my mind and give me an edge on my own creativity and personal thinking.  They can be paused, rewound and replayed as many times as I like until I am confident that the truth of the words or stories being told are anchored in my heart.  They can even be listened to with family and loved ones, creating a unifying, bonding experience.

There is much more to say about this subject, but right now I find that I am in need of a mini-vacation.  I think I will go and listen to “Walden” and be inspired…

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