10 Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

You may be wondering to yourself, ” So why Audiobooks?”  Here is a list of 10 benefits they offer when you listen to them:

1. Entertainment.  You can choose what goes into your mind during your downtime.  What better way to be entertained than to find a great book or story on audiobook and enjoy?   “Reading is still the best form of entertainment.” – Charlie Mac

2.  Inspiration.  We all need a little inspiration in our lives.  It’s what helps us get up on those Monday mornings and rainy days.  Find a subject that inspires you, and lift your spirits as you listen.

3. Information & Learning.  Put on your headphones and learn something new every day.

4. Imagination.  Spark your own sense of creativity and problem-solving abilities as you are exposed to new stories, thoughts and ideas.

5. A Pleasant Distraction.  Pass the time in an enjoyable way while at the airport, on a plane, waiting for someone, or even at the doctor’s office, by listening to an audiobook.  Instead of worrying, catch up on that book you’ve been dying to get to while giving your eyes a rest.

6. Culture & Awareness.  Get into a good headspace through your headphones by staying connected with your culture and the world around you.

7. Better Health.  Relieve and reduce stress, tension and worries, and slow your heart rate as your thoughts are absorbed in a good, well-told story.

8. Comfort and Encouragement.  Like a good friend, listening to the retelling of a favorite story or book can be a nostalgic gift, lifting your spirits and giving you an extra boost of comfort, courage, strength and renewal just when you need it the most.

9. Save Time.  Get more reading done by multi-tasking – Listen while doing the laundry, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, etc.  (While multi-tasking is not always beneficial or appropriate, there are times when listening to an audiobook can be the best and most efficient use of time.  You’ll learn to recognize when those moments come and take advantage of them.)

10. Self-Improvement.  Make your world a better place by having a better grasp of literacy.  The United Nations credits literacy with all sorts of important things, including ”ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy.”

Obviously, there are many more benefits to listening to audiobooks than those listed here.  Hopefully, this short list will help open your eyes, (and ears), and encourage you to dive into the wonderful world of recorded books.  Perhaps there are a few that you may not have even thought of before.

Happy listening!

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