SkyDance Mountain Audiobooks has produced a growing catalog of Audiobooks for independent authors and publishers alike, as well as a number of songs inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Feel free to peruse some of these inspiring samples.

Listen to Excerpts ~



“The Midnight Ride of Blackwell Station” Chapter 9 by Mary Peace Finley (Filter Press)





“Absaroka – From War to Wyoming” Chapter 1 by Joan Bochmann (Raven Publishing)






“Behind the Mist” by M.J. Evans (Itasca Books)



“Frank Craig – Medical Visionary” by Herb Tabak (Filter Press)








Listen to a wide selection of Podcasts created by SkyDance Mountain at the Estes Park Podcast Network/7522 Radio at and



Moonglow (Front Revised) 





“All the Pretty Little Ponies” –  Performed by Melissa Couser Hall, Starry Knight Project.  Arrangement & additional lyrics ℗ & ©2014 Brett Wilson, Melissa Hall/SkyDance Mountain, Rick & Etta Starr/Starry Knight Productions.


Mystic Dew Promo





“Mystic Dew” – ©2013 Starry Knight Productions/Rick & Etta Starr.  A haunting tribute to the beautiful Stanley Hotel.  Performed by Melissa Couser Hall/SkyDance Mountain


“Rustic Mountain Charm” by 3 Days West from the album “Rocky Mountain Wonder” (SkyDance Music)

“Above It All” by Peregrin Road, from the Album “Call of the Wild” (SkyDance Music)

“Rocky Mountain Christmas” by Peregrin Road from the album “Rocky Mountain Christmas” (SkyDance Music)

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