January, 2015 – Life in the Rocky podcast has begun production!

SkyDance Mountain has begun producing a podcast due for release this Spring, called “Life in the Rocky”, featuring mountains of fun and inspiration!

Introducing an informative podcast that doubles as a personal mini-retreat, and serves as the voice of the National Park’s wildlife to the world.

“Life in the Rocky” ~ This 5-minute daily podcast, highlighting the seasons of life in the crown jewel of the National Park System, will be a favorite of young and old alike.  Both entertaining and educational, these shows are designed to transport listeners out of the “Rat Race” and return them to the simplicity, beauty and tranquility of nature and the mountains.

And finally… SkyDance Mountain will be releasing some of its own audiobooks and CDs in time for Christmas 2013.

Stay tuned for upcoming details!

March 4, 2014 – Enjoy Estes Park Podcast Network is Launched!

SkyDance Mountain is proud to introduce the Enjoy Estes Park Podcast Networka collaboration between Enjoy Estes Park and Sky Dance Mountain.

The Enjoy Estes Park Podcast Network is your ultimate guide to maximize your Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park experience. You don’t want to ever return home and miss something that you would have thoroughly enjoyed. Every week on Friday, by noon 12:00pm (mountain time), a “The Week Ahead” podcast will be available for you for the upcoming week in Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park. “The Week Ahead” from Enjoy Estes Park gives you extra Enjoy Estes Park experience information.

Enjoy Estes Park is a powerful marketing brand developed for Estes Park, helping the Estes Park Business Community to succeed by working together. Throughout the years, Enjoy Estes Park has created: “Savor Estes Park”, “Estes Park Scarecrows”, “Enjoy Estes Park Website”, “Shop Estes Website”, “Estes Park Biz”, “Estes Park Wooden Nickels”, “36 Free Weekends Giveaway” and much more for the Estes Park Business Community and local residents.

SkyDance Mountain is a positive life-style entity based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain National Park, awakening the soul and inspiring the imagination to improve our world and pursue Personal Growth through Love & Simplicity, Joy & Tranquility. SkyDance Mountain offers creative services including Recording and Production services, Jingles, Personalized Custom Songs and Songwriting, Audiobooks, Graphic Design, WordPress Web Services and unique and effective Creative Marketing, including simple Video Trailers.

Together, the power of collaboration, branding and creativity will bring a powerful, marketing resource to the Estes Park Business Community.

If you would like to participate with a Podcast Channel (with shows) or become a sponsor (no shows), please contact the Enjoy Estes Park Podcast Network.



February 9, 2012 – SkyDance Mountain Audiobooks is officially launched!  

Having been in the works since the Fall of 2011, SkyDance Mountain announces it’s official entry into the world of Audiobook creation and production.

“We are proud to offer the highest quality services available at the lowest rates possible to authors, publishers, storytellers and musicians alike,” states owner and producer, Brett Wilson.  “Bringing these works to life through sound and imagination, and knowing the inspiration they stir in the hearts of their listeners, is why we do what we do.  Young and old alike can be brought together, much like it was in the golden days of radio!  Our goal is to provide the setting that will best frame the works being presented, to move the heart and stir the imagination of the listener.”

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