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12 Ways to Enjoy Audiobooks

Once you’ve begun a great book, you’ll be looking for opportunities throughout the day to keep “reading” it and not put it down. One of the wonderful things about Audiobooks is that they can be enjoyed in so many instances when a regular book cannot.  Here are a few creative suggestions to get you started…

1.  While Driving ~ Safer than texting.  Just be sure not to miss your exit or use your left turn signal when turning right.

2. While Doing the Laundry or Washing the Dishes ~ Wash your worries down the drain with a great story and get your clothes and the kitchen clean at the same time.  Before you know it, those chores will be done and you’ll be on Chapter 21!

3. While Doing Outdoor and Yard Work ~ You know… mowing the lawn, digging that ditch, pulling weeds, or even washing the car.

4. While Flying ~ One great way to shut out unwanted conversation and get to that book you’ve been trying to finish for the past month is to do it 30,000 feet above the ground.  Not only will it help you relax and take your mind off of the flight, but it will get you there faster as well.

5. While Exercising ~ Why not exercise your mind along with your body?

6. While Enjoying a Hot Bath ~ Soap suds and stories… Ahhhh…

7. While Doing That Mindless Work That Bores You to Death ~ There are times you need to stay focused, and that is good, but you also know there are times when it would be good to have a little company, or listen to a good story, or maybe even multi-task with a good “How-To” audiobook.  Keep your earplugs handy, for just such an occasion.

8. While Relaxing at Home ~ Some people sit and veg in front of the TV.  Why not veg with a good book or story?  Give your eyes a break and let your ears and imagination get a little exercise for a change.

9. While on Vacation ~ Relax in that cabin, or at the beach or by the lake or favorite spot with a new and exciting novel, one of your favorite stories or even a personal self-development book.

10. While Gathered Together All in one Room with the Family ~ Bring back the feel of the Golden Days of Radio by gathering together for a little family bonding time.  There’s nothing like a good story to unite hearts and bring good cheer and smiles.

11. While Getting Ready for Bed ~ Brush your teeth and your mind!

12. While Falling Asleep ~ There’s no better way to end the day than with a relaxing book.  Close your eyes and fall into dreamland with your favorite tales.  Don’t worry, you can always rewind to the last part you remember hearing before zzzzzzzzz…

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